Aware of handicapped animals?

Yes,you know handicapped all around ; car parks,public transportation,business…But,what about the animals that have become amputee?Sure,animals losing their lives or injured in traffic accidents in USA,and other devoloped countries of the EU.If animals are severely injured because of traffic accidents in somewhere Asia,most of the times left writhing in pain then,die suffering from injuries.

When our pet in a month old,she had not been adopted by us yet,a traffic accident had happened to her.By chance,a man had found on the road,she was twisted because of a deadly hit by a trucker,and carried to the only-one-animal shelter in Istanbul.The young vet had immediately performed amputectomy,removing the right leg ,which injured so badly that could not ever be healed.She had lost blood a lot too.She was also neutered,in the vet’s thought she could not cope with pregnancy as a three-legged dog if ever managed to survive .

When our kids met her in the animal shelter,once we had wanted to see how animals doing there,they asked to have it and assured the vet she would always be protected and never quit to leave her.She then,was 7-month-old,name given by her vet,we have also kept her name,Coy,.She is now 10 years old!Greetings from the Bay of Hidden Beavers

Greetings from the Bay of Hidden Beavers!

Even though struggles ,try to make you feel be happy.

walking up the hill










Neva the Capricorn

True and faithful friend,it can be only one,don’t lose! Desperate look in eyes ,remeber the the times running hand-in-hand on sand ,or in a warm house ,my sweet home,during the days of winter-time.Never leave alone,be next to the faithful friend.