Struggle with earnings

Despite the efforts to find a resource needed for sustaining the life with the pet,Nazlı,it has been failure.Now ,to blame not being able as pulling oneself up by the boots!Trying not to be frustrated,the thought is yet to push ahead as though there were sufficient opportunities for being resources of earning the life thru blogs/web contacts.

In vain my own reasonings , the attempts done have been steps ahead,I can’t justify!

What would it not have been to me if my efforts had brought some financial resorces?I know planning and time management are essentials yet,the skills of writing in attractive  and accepted any readers to follow the humble site and the posts.It’s not easy,starting from “0”to go further on producing written-works, good for fresh youngsters.Through my adulthood,I had always got touchble job positions.Remember the first days of those positions, had many difficulties.I had worked unceasingly ,studied the books,found out experienced guys to learn what to be successful,got advices ,had kept earnest desire to convert failures into experience that had made to fulfill the positions effectively.They were all in the past!To-day,I struggle to produce literary works thru webs.And devise that such works would be the financial resources for me to sustain the life together with the dependants.I should be more social with my works to be kept with in would-be followers,shouldn’t I?


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