Parental responsibilities

The moments you share with your beloved ones are the most valuable parts of your family life.

As being parent ,you strive to improve your abilities for a role of good example to your child/children.Good relations in the community,participating activities organized by community organizations,respect to creatures of the God are some to enable children observe parents how to behave.These are to nourish them positively and they will be proactive to establish true firendships.

Some families have also pet ,parents must be careful with decison on which animal do fit correctly to their households.Wild animals and insects;snakes,iguana,large spiders are extreme ones for selection as pet.Children in  a family with pet, grow ,in most cases,observantly to the nature.  As a responsible parent should think that proper selection of an animal nurturing children to be aware of  phaes of the life.

Parental responsibility we can describe is to embrace children with compassion,to care them and play good roles.Plans for their chidren’s future are to be educative that guiding to have positive mindsets.As because of nature of the life they will encounter troubles in societies where they are going to be members.When troubles happen they will be expected to bring solutions for troubleshooting. They should better learn never be disagreeable nor spiteful.

Images of their roles should be accepted as positive by other members of the society.Economical production method of the society which children will be part of have already established ways of interactions,ethics , legal rules and behaving to obey the rules.

An example;a young person who was a child of a particular family would choose to live in a country other than the country where that particular family had lived.In that native country ,let’s say,rural life style existed.That lifestyle had pushed them neglecting to protect environmental tideness.Habitual garbage disposals of households were in miserable conditions   just throw on streets,not collecting in containers spesific to the materials of of disposals ,sacrificing animals by themselves in gardens ,spitting on streets which not only disgusting but also source of possible infrctions causing health problems.Boxes for post -mails were not available at corners of streets.Use of toilet tissue papers might be very rare and not available at public rest rooms.

Now think of this young person who had chosen to live in a civilized country other than his/her native country described in the example where people were educated to behave respectfully in their environment.Waste disposals were collected in containers at corners of streets spesific to the materials of waste.People with pests on streets were careful to collect pets’ waste products,using bags carried in pockets or in handbags and disposed to the spesific container.Passerby never spitted  and had thrown off cigarette buds on streets.Traffic rules were obeyed ,people would use public utilities neatly and mind other’s  rights.

If the parents of that young person were educated well,they would guide him/her to behave fitting to that more civilized country even though the parents hadn’t ever been there.Then,the young was accepted in the social life of that country in the example and that young would try to find professional occupation which fitted to skills .That young person’s vision would become surely be wider creative.

If you have children in your family and you are the parents,wherever you live it is utmost important to act caring and guiding your children positively that they will gain higher traits and  adopt modern cultural contents.



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